Aging infrastructure or antiquated processes? Overloaded staff or challenging customers? Our incident response management system collects accurate data and insights to help you address these issues and more.

From automatic audit trails and employee response tracking to heat mapping, spatial dispatch and more, see how Daupler can enable you and your organization to be more effective.20 Tech to Save America-2

Daupler automates your processes. Here’s how.



Daupler automatically consolidates, organizes and prioritizes incidents reported via your current alarm and communication channels as well as the Daupler web portal and/or a Daupler-owned-and-managed call center.



Daupler determines incident criticality so you can focus on what’s important and not get bogged down in the minor issues. You’ll always know where to focus efforts while still acknowledging non-critical incidents.



No more manual calling trees. Daupler automatically dispatches (calls and/or texts) staff members for you. It uses GeoTagging to automatically gather arrival and departure information. Daupler can also help you form specific response teams configured to match your procedures.



Daupler automatically collects complete and accurate data at every step. Staff members no longer need to enter information manually, and you no longer have to deal with incomplete or erroneous information. With Daupler, you can make solid, data-driven decisions.

Our customers are performing like never before.



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Daupler works for you, not against you.

Software shouldn’t change your processes. Daupler blends with your current operations and flexes to the way you work. Why? Because we know what you’re up against. Our founder and CEO used to work at cities and water agencies. He saw firsthand what you deal with. He lived it, and he was determined to fix things. He and his incredible team created Daupler to remove as many barriers as possible and to produce immediate, objective results.

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Works with your customer service and work order management systems.

Daupler can push and pull data to and from your existing CMMS and other software systems. It makes all of the information you need available when and where you need it.


Up and running in days, not months.

Daupler is a software platform that you and your staff can log in to from your computers and mobile phones to gather the information and gain the insights you need, when and where you need them. There’s nothing to install, update or otherwise maintain. Daupler is fully customizable. We always assign a dedicated team member to learn your unique needs and configure the platform just for you. It will be ready to use in days, and you will see real, tangible results immediately.