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Daupler’s founder and CEO, John Bertrand, used to work at cities and water agencies. He saw what you have to deal with every day, and he had an idea to fix things. John – along with his CTO and their incredible team – created Daupler to help make things better for all of us. Because when public works works, public safety soars and so do health, happiness and all those good things good people care about. Plus, your job gets instantly more fulfilling. Win-win.

Proven effective in 100+ cities.

We know your business and its many constraints. Our team has worked with cities – large and small, all across the country – to implement Daupler within days and help them perform at levels they never thought possible. Your dedicated Daupler team member will help you do the same – so you can make a bigger impact immediately.


Always growing and improving.

We’re nothing if not useful to our customers, so rest assured this is a two-way street. We will listen, learn and take your feedback seriously. If there’s something you need, let’s talk about and see if we can incorporate it into your custom version of Daupler.

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Up and running in days, not months.

Daupler is a software platform that you and your staff can log in to from your computers and mobile phones to gather the information and gain the insights you need, when and where you need them. There’s nothing to install, update or otherwise maintain. Daupler is fully customizable. We always assign a dedicated team member to learn your unique needs and configure the platform just for you. It will be ready to use in days, and you will see real, tangible results immediately.