At Daupler, we believe in health and safety. We are passionate about helping public works and utilities quickly and easily fix incidents that put citizens at risk. We truly care about these people so imagine how well we treat our own.


We care about your wellbeing.

Just like the clients and communities we serve, we want you to be happy and healthy. That’s why we pay 100% of medical and dental insurance and we regularly get our teams together for food and fun, on us.


We put family first.

We empower you to make the choices that are right for you and take paid time off you when you need it. We know it’s impractical to assume that work never bleeds over into our personal lives, and vice versa. Instead of fighting to keep the two separate, we offer a generous and inclusive parental leave, the option to work remotely when needed and paid time off to help you succeed here and at home.


We'll invest in your career.

Daupler is growing quickly, and we’ll give you the opportunity to do the same. Throughour internal learning and development resources and our partnership with Techstars, you’ll have access to professional development opportunities so you can achieve your professional goals.


We compensate to motivate

You and your contributions matter. We understand the role that compensation has on motivation and performance. If you’re a high performer, we won’t wait and we will reward you. We strive to recognize and equitably compensate all of our people.


Diversity makes us better.

We strive to employ a team that is as diverse as the communities we serve across the country. We also work with local organizations to help underrepresented groups access the tech industry.


Current Jobs

Business Development Representative

As a business development representative you will kick off our sales process by researching prospective customers, creating outreach strategies, and identifying new sales opportunities.

Posted on 10.15.19