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Daupler is producing astounding results for public works and utilities across the country. We’re working together to save time and money, empower team members and take better care of citizens. With Daupler, communities spend less time without services and more time enjoying healthy, safe and sanitary conditions. Isn’t it time we wrote your success story?

The City of Durham came to us with an efficiency problem. Calling trees, manual reporting and outdated processes were costing the water and sewer department too much time. Specifically, they were paying exorbitant overtime rates. The Daupler team was able to customize and implement a solution for the City within days. In the first month, Daupler cut their overtime hours in half, and our software continues to save the City of Durham $200,000 annually.

Daupler has changed the way we do business. Our supervisors easily manage on-call staff and dispatch people. Communication with our teams has improved a ton. Response times are better, customers are getting better service. Crews love the quick access to tools. We’re very happy, couldn’t ask for a better platform.
Tim Segard

City of Durham, NC

In the City of Oakland, after-hours incidents were costly and complicated, requiring manual call lists and chasing down missing information from closed offices. Daupler was able to customize and implement a solution for Oakland within just 6 days. Daupler automates significant portions of Oakland’s response process including gathering information from reporting parties, automating call lists and tracking the City’s progress on specific incidents as well as the performance of individual team members. In less than 8 months, the City of Oakland has been able to lower its number of monthly incidents from 400+ to less than 60, resulting in a direct savings of $2 million annually.

We have seen a significant reduction in call outs (estimated 75% reduction) as a result of Daupler. Also, Daupler has documented all emergency work performed.
Richard Battersby

City of Oakland, CA

The City of Loveland was struggling with manual data entry and the resulting unreliable “data,” but they were concerned that learning a new system would make their jobs even more difficult. In just 20 days, Daupler was able to configure and implement a system that works seamlessly with the City of Loveland’s existing CMMS, CityWorks. With its intuitive and easy to use interface, Daupler lifted a huge burden off the City’s staff immediately and began saving time and money just as fast. Managers were quickly empowered with the real, reliable data to make fact-based decisions.

We use Daupler for things like water main breaks, water turn-on or turn-offs and sewer issues. It documents our work, makes our response process easier and helps us respond faster. Now I get accurate reporting and don’t have to chase anyone down for more information.
loveland logo
Gary Graham

City of Loveland, CO

Up and running in days, not months.

Daupler is a software platform that you and your staff can log in to from your computers and mobile phones to gather the information and gain the insights you need, when and where you need them. There’s nothing to install, update or otherwise maintain. Daupler is fully customizable. We always assign a dedicated team member to learn your unique needs and configure the platform just for you. It will be ready to use in days, and you will see real, tangible results immediately.