Daupler helps power and gas utilities quickly and easily reinstate service to their community members – dramatically reducing downtime and dangerous conditions, while easily meeting insurance, audit and other requirements.

Know where to start.

Daupler automatically plots incidents on a heat map by time and type (power, gas, water, sewer, street or stormwater) so you can see where the biggest issues are and how to help the most people first. Daupler collects all this information automatically – with no work on your part – so you can prioritize the most critical needs within seconds.

Get there faster.

Mangers can use Daupler to spatially dispatch as many response teams as needed based on distance or drive time to locations. Daupler determines who’s available and can form a response team in less time than it takes a human to make one phone call.

Improve staff performance.

Daupler automatically collects accurate and reliable response data so you can track how your team and individual members are performing in real time and make highly-informed, objective staffing decisions. Daupler uses GeoTagging to determine when response teams are on-scene. It also tracks how often individual employees respond to calls and how quickly they’re able to resolve them.

Reduce paperwork and improve data.

Daupler automatically documents each step in the response process creating an objective audit trail of the incident response. Managers can use their phones, tablets or laptops to gain real-time insights and receive notifications when important information is gathered during the incident response.

Keep citizens in the loop and reduce callbacks.

Daupler communicates with residents for you. It engages the reporting party so they can easily track the incident response process online – like they would a package delivery. Daupler connects response staff with residents and automatically documents call information. Our citizen engagement interface gathers feedback scoring from the citizen once the incident response is complete.

Works with your customer service and work order systems.

Daupler pushes and pulls data to and from your current CMMS, GIS and other systems to show you a more complete picture. It makes all the information you need available when and where you need it.


Get technical support any time, day or night.

Daupler comes with 24/7 help desk support, help guides and tutorials, less than 24-hour response times and multiple call centers in the U.S. – each with dedicated support and maintenance specialists.

Up and running in days, not months.

Daupler is a software platform that you and your staff can log in to from your computers and mobile phones to gather the information and gain the insights you need, when and where you need them. There’s nothing to install, update or otherwise maintain. Daupler is fully customizable. We always assign a dedicated team member to learn your unique needs and configure the platform just for you. It will be ready to use in days, and you will see real, tangible results immediately.