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Mass Notification

Send mass notifications by region, pressure zone, or entire district when a water main break, service disruption, or pressure issue occurs. Keep residents informed and allows citizens to reply with common questions. Daupler directs users to our resident engagement tool, so citizens can track progress while crews focus on their work.

Keep citizens in the loop and reduce callbacks.

Citizens can submit service requests and request maintenance through the resident portal, reducing call center wait times and speeding up response processes. Daupler’s AI triages submissions made through the portal, pushing critical incidents to the front and dispatching crews swiftly and effortlessly. 

Find the source.

Daupler automatically plots incidents on a heat map and shows you when they surfaced so you can easily see where a water main break or other critical infrastructure issue may have originated. Daupler collects information automatically – with no work on your part – so you can fix both the symptoms and the source of the problem.

Get there faster.

Get the right crew to the incident, fast. Spatial dispatch allows managers to see where crews are working, check in, and dispatch the closest available crew to a water main break or other critical incident, saving time and water.  

Reduce paperwork and improve data.

Daupler automatically collects and uploads data to your work order system. We integrate with every major CMMS to reduce paperwork and eliminate errored or incomplete work orders. Managers can use Daupler to gain real-time insights and notifications when important information is gathered during the incident response.


Get technical support any time, day or night.

Daupler comes with 24/7 help desk support, help guides and tutorials, less than 24-hour response times and multiple call centers in the U.S. – each with dedicated support and maintenance specialists.

“We use Daupler for things like water main breaks, water turn-on or turn-offs and sewer issues. It documents our work, makes our response process easier and helps us respond faster. Now I get accurate reporting and don’t have to chase anyone down formore information.”
Gary Graham

City of Loveland, CO

"Forming an on-call team used to require supervisors to take home an on-call list and call each person by level of seniority, per our labor union agreement, giving five minutes for each person to respond before calling the next. Daupler automated this process completely. Lifts a huge weight off of our supervisors."

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Trenton Foglesong

Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, KS

Up and running in days, not months.

Daupler is a software platform that you and your staff can log in to from your computers and mobile phones to gather the information and gain the insights you need, when and where you need them. There’s nothing to install, update or otherwise maintain. Daupler is fully customizable. We always assign a dedicated team member to learn your unique needs and configure the platform just for you. It will be ready to use in days, and you will see real, tangible results immediately.