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Can Daupler integrate with my work order system or CMMS?

Yes, Daupler integrates via API to all major work order systems, including but not limited to, Lucity, Cityworks, Cartegraph, Maximo, and many others.

Can we use Daupler as a Work Order Management system or CMMS?

Daupler partners with most major CMMS or Work Order Management Systems. Please reach out to our customer success department at for more details.

Can Daupler prevent non-emergency calls (e.g. billing questions) from getting to our on-call staff?

Daupler Triage can discern critical and non-critical calls with 95% confidence. This makes sure that we’re only reaching out to your staff when they absolutely need to be contacted.

Can I use Daupler for timekeeping?

Daupler Dispatch tools help to track time and labor associated with any incidents or alarms received by the Daupler system.

Can Daupler call out and form teams based on union requirements?

Daupler Dispatch provides a number of team formation tools to ensure teams are formed per specific entity requirements. Many Daupler customers use Daupler to ensure conformance to union call-out requirements.

Can Daupler notify a manager during an incident?

Daupler often will send text notifications to managers and supervisors for specific incident types. These notifications keep management involved in the incident response process without having to stop work or progress of the response.

Can Daupler send me an email reminder or notice when something happens?

Email reminders and notifications are typically configured as part of our initial set up. These emails can also include a Daily Digest that summaries weekly/daily response activities.

Can homeowners or citizens take photos and upload to Daupler?

Daupler Tracker and Resident Engagement provide an interface that homeowners and citizens use to keep track of the entity response process. This interface is completely configurable and typically does allow homeowners and citizens to upload photos of their issues.

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